I am working as a postdoctoral Research Fellow at the COSMO Laboratory, at McGill university, Montréal (Canada), where I work in Prof. Roussos Dimitrakopoulos’ research group, with a focus on uncertainty quantification, non parametric statics and stochastic simulations for spatial data.

Prior to that, I defended my thesis on May 19th 2023. During my doctoral studies, which commenced in November 2018, I had the privilege of being a part of the IMSV, University of Bern (Switzerland). Under the supervision of Professor David Ginsbourger, my research focused on “Uncertainty quantification and efficient design of experiments for data- and simulation-driven inverse problem solving”.

This gave me the amazing opportunity to be in the organisation committee of LIKE23: Lifting Inference with Kernel Embeddings and LIKE22. Keep an eye open for future editions!

My research interests span across several areas, including Gaussian processes and uncertainty quantification, non-parametric Bayesian approaches, stochastic optimization, and stochastic inverse problems. I also have a strong interest in kernel methods that extend beyond Gaussianity assumptions.